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How to use whatsapp encryption


Hey guys here we bring a latest update for you.the most popular and usable whatsapp has gone ahead a step in form of security with whatsapp encryption.whatsapp is a most popular and most usable instant messenger there are millions of user and where the point comes of private messenger and millions of user the first thing comes in mind that is data and their security.whatsapp updates new features regularly the last update was “staring message”and the previous one of it was “blue ticks”.

Whatsapp is a private messenger and billions of messages transact daily and when you use of it then you have mind a thing that privacy and security of your data which can be photos,videos,text and any files like pdf.You know well that if any big app or platform has millions of data then how much risk of being there.you all heard about data stolen or data hacking,information stolen.many hackers trying to hack data and yes bit time before there were no techniques that can assure you to hack your data but yes now whatsapp brings a new development or new techniques which called “whatsapp data encryption“.


whatsapp encryption

whatsapp encryption is a techniques where all messages of you send to your friend and group that can be seen by them only no one can see apart them nor whatsapp too.with this encryption feature all message who drives from you automatically convert in encryption.encryption is a technique where data convert in a specific language that cant be read so when your data is encrypt no one can read your data.

whatsapp encryption is like in simple words that you are talking with someone face to face yes no one can read you no one can see you whatever who are no hackers,no cyber criminal no one even whatsapp too so your data will be safe you dont have to worry about your data privacy.

WhatsApp’s end-to-end cryptography is obtainable after you and also the folks you message use the most recent versions of our app. several electronic messaging apps solely inscribe messages between you and them, however WhatsApp’s end-to-end cryptography ensures solely you and also the person you are act with will scan what’s sent, and no-one in between, not WhatsApp.

This can be as a result of your messages square measure secured with a lock, and solely the recipient and you have got the special key required to unlock and browse them. For supplementary protection, each message you send has its own distinctive lock and key. All of this happens automatically: no got to activate settings or created special secret chats to secure your messages.

In A short form:-

What is encryption:-

Encryption is a technique or a process where data encodes in a different  language that cant be read non authorized person.its a way where messages and information has locked so no one can read it without key who is an algorithm.


How whatsapp encryption works:-

When you send messages,pics,vids,and any kind of data who supported by whatsapp to anyone either a single person or group the data can be send by them only no one can look or stalk inside your account or data whatever they are hackers or even whatsapp too.

your data converts in a different form of text or we used to say encode your data and locked that where only you have key to unlock that data so no worry of privacy and security of your data.



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