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Unlock Pattern Lock In Android

Unlock Pattern Lock in Android.Android is a most popular operating system. It is a mobile platform.Many of its apps are in apps market.Many apps of them are for mobile security.Pattern lock is a security app and its most popular phone lock app. When you  try to unlock mobile and if you’ve forgotten the pattern and could not access  your Android by Email-id so don’t worry .With this you can unlock pattern lock in Android.

unlock pattern lock in android

Follow these Steps

. Switch off your device



. Click on volume up button and hold it along with home button if its there in your phone.



. After it don’t  remove your fingers to these buttons and turn your phone  on/off .



. Then start your phone just release only on/off button.



. Then when you will see Android image , release all button.



. You can see here a menu it’s called a secret menu,if  you can’t see this menu, repeat this process after switch off for 10 to 15 minutes.



. After  secret menu is open, your buttons will work as Volume up and down button use for UP and DOWN and ON/OFF button to click any option.?You can also use home button to click any option. So you will go on third option that is “wipe data/factory reset” click on this option and some option will open after it and one must be “DELETE ALL USER DATA” click here and wait till its deleted .



 .When all process  complete,switch off your device  and after 2 to 3 seconds it’s again ON. Process will be completed. Now you can use your phone it will not ask any password or E-mail ID.



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