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Top 7 WordPress Plugins to Get More Email Subscribers

We all know the importance of Email Marketing and for this, we need an attractive newsletter. You have a fruitful Email Marketing strategy, nice newsletter templates, but you cannot do effective Email Marketing without email subscribers. There are so many WordPress Plugin with them you can create beautiful opt-in from to collect more email subscribers. Most of them can work with recent email marketing services.


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An email list is a great asset for your blog especially if you are doing affiliate sales from your blog. I will point out only 7 WordPress Plugins. Hope these plugins solve your purpose.



You may hear about OptinMonster. It is very popular plugin to collect email subscribers. OptinMonster offers various subscription boxes which can be used for collecting subscribers and leads.

The interface of OptinMonster is user-friendly. SO you don’t need technical knowledge for using it. You can find ready to use opt-in forms which can be customized with your own message .You can get 24×7 technical support from it.

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LeadPages is one of the perfect solutions for growing your email list. It is one of the popular lead generating plugins. With the help of Leadpages you can create, landing page, thank you page and subscription page in the small time. You need to pay less than $20 to create a stunning subscription page for your blog. So you don’t need to hire any designer to design a landing page for your blog. You can get a solution from Leadpages.

Optin skin

Glen Allsop has developed Optin skin. He is the founder of a great blog ViperChill. You can’t get the service of this Plugin free. With the help of this plugin, you can create a stunning opt-in form. You can add that opt-in from at the end of your blog post. So readers can easily subscribe your blog without any hassle.


Hellobar is a free WordPress plugin which can add a header bar in your blog so that the audience can easily notice that header bar. Most of the bloggers use it for increasing their affiliate sales or directing users to any particular page.

Optin Crusher

It’s a free WordPress plugin to create opt-in forms in footers of your blog. It can give beautiful look to the footer. Though, the opt-in form is added in footer section so readers can easily see this and subscribe your email list.

Popup Domination

Popup Domination is a premium plugin to create various popup from on your blog. The design of the popup forms is really nice and easy to fit on your blog design. If you are not a designer or coder, you don’t need to be worried. With the help of this plugin, you can easily grow your email list.


SumoMe offers to create a popup to add your blog. The Welcome mat of SumoMe adds a beautiful look to your blog.

Final Words

These 7 WordPress Plugins can easily build and grow your email list. The email list is as important as a newsletter and an effective Email Marketing strategy. You can consider the email list as part of Email Marketing. So Install one of them and start your work.


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