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What is seo ?

Seo is the method of optimizing a website so that it responds better to the search engines or Seo is a technique to optimize web pages to rank on the top pages of search engine.

Seo is the key of online success without seo you can’t imagine online success so to get online success and yes if you want success in your business than seo is the main key for this.

what is seo


If you have any online business or e-commerce business or website so that to get lead you have to done the work who gives you traffic(visitors)and as you know as much as traffic you will get you will get more leads and if we say in simple words more traffic means more leads or more business so for this seo is the main army of your success goal in online business.

You will make both internal and external changes to a website that will increase the traffic that flows to the website from search engines.

Seo is the process of installing systems within your website that will show the search engines that the website is valuable to the person who is typing I the search.

The search engines rate websites by how effective the website is at providing quality information.

In other words, by using search engine optimization you develop a website that is effective at meeting the searcher’s needs which makes the search engines direct more traffic to your website.

Most of the traffic to a website will come from the search engines: google, bing, yahoo .

search engines

Each of these search engines has specific features it looks for in website to determine how valuable they are to the person searching for information or resources.

As the website developer is to design a website that proves to these search engines that the site is valuable By doing this you increase your business’s success online.

Seo practices are not abusive of search engine guidelines –they are tailored to help encourage a balance of quality content with effective keywords and design.


Need of seo-

1.Increase market competition-

If you have a website and you want your site gets higher rank on search engine so you make your business more successful so there is need of seo .

With seo you can get higher search result or higher rank or search engine that’s why seo is more important to be successful in online business so seo increase market competition you should use a good techniques of seo .

2.Website on top pages get more traffic-

When someone search a keyword in search engine and search engine shows result for that specific keyword and with that specific keyword your website get higher number in search result so there is more chances to get more traffic and of course, more traffic equal to more business.

3.Best for online reputation-

If you get high rank on search engine that means your website has quality and good content so your online reputation would be increase and it will be better for your website and your online business coz you got success to catch consumer’s trust so seo is must for online success.


Practices of seo-

    1. White hat seo-It is purely ethical and according guidance search engine optimization .it refers any practice that improves your search performance on a search engine results page.
     2. Black hat seo-As you know black hat is a opposite term of ethical. it does consider on seo not user or audience its main aim is seo result however will come.
    3. Grey hat seo-It is a combination of white hat and black hat seo and it is mostly consider to white hat seo coz it gives long term results.







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