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How To Know Your Facebook Profile Visitors


Facebook is a biggest social media network and its a biggest social media site.Millions users visits daily on facebook.

Its a biggest network and its a biggest popularity platform.If you have your facebook profile or fan page and you want to see that how much visitors comes on your facebook profile.you can see that how much people seen your facebook profile and for this you don’t need any tool,you can this with short method that i will tell you in this post.

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How To Know Your Facebook Profile Visitors


1.Login to your facebook profile.

2.Now click on “home” button.

3.Right click on any blank part of page and select”view page source“or you can use this”ctrl+u“.

4.Now you will see a new tab of browser is open.

5.Now search for “initialchatfriendlist” in source code.

6.You will see keywords like this-

{“list”:[ “100003757524056-2,”100004565877845-2 }

7.These numbers are the facebook id’s of your friends facebook profile,the first id is the facebook profile id.who ‘ve visited mostly.

8.To see who is the specific person exist behind a facebook id.just copy facebook id and replace the x’s with copied facebook profile id.


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