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Who viewed my Facebook profile you ever get curious or think or Have you wonder who viewed my Facebook profile? yes we know you have done this so many times but have you ever get any result as you tried many things.there is no such ways to get information who viewed your Facebook profile but we have some tactics where you can get who viewed your Facebook profile so here i am going to tell every possible method to know who viewed your Facebook profile.

Facebook is the biggest social networking site and if you say its a virtual world where millions people are there and you have so many friends in your facebook profile and ever get curious that who viewed my facebook profile you want to know who visits your facebook profile but don worry we are here lets start without any………

here are the some random questions you ask from your self

Can I See Who Viewed My Facebook Profile?

Yes,You can!Although there no such official ways or such straight tactics but yes you can get information through ‘who viewed my Facebook profile Chrome extension’.

And as i got some information or some tactics in my research i have found some ways for that but i am not sure its validity.Are you carrying around the open challenge who has been seeing my Facebook profile? Then, you are going to be tempted with my solution within the next section.

Find Out Who Viewed My Facebook Profile-:

I am going to share these 4 methods complete method who viewed your facebook profile and you will get to know your facebook profile visitors.so lets start with our main part.

Method 1:-Using Facebook Profile Google Chrome Extension

This is the easiest method and you can say simple method where you can get to know who viewed your facebook profile.

1.You need to download and install google chrome extension this extension is for google chrome only so you can download and install this plugin from google chrome web store directly.

who viewed my facebook profile


2.As you see a web page like image,click on Add To Chrome to add this extension to your browser.

3.Wait some time and see its downloaded completely now click on install or add extension.

4.Now go to www.facebook.com and log in with your account to know Who Viewed My Facebook Profile.

5.So once you are logged in your account see your timeline you will see ‘visitors’ named option on navigation bar.


Method 2:- Using your browser manually you can see who viewed my facebook profile

You need a browser to see who viewed your facebook profile using this method.these are steps i am writing here.

1.Visit your facebook profile timeline and look at navigation bar and checkout the first name which is given on navigation bar in the webpage.

2.Wait for page load completely after load successfully right-click anywhere on the page and select”view page source”.

3.So now you can see a source code page.press CTRL+F to search box, then search for  “InitialChatFriendsList”.


4.So here you can see bunch of the numbers in next step, those are the profile id who visited your facebook profile or you can say who viewed your facebook profile.so now you will start to see who viewed your facebook profile.

5.Just go to facebook.com and paste the ID number from that page along with a “\” like facebook.com/id.

Method 3:-Through Who Viewed My Facebook Profile Android App

So with this app you can see who viewed your facebook profile directly on your android smartphone.

1.First you have to download who viewed my facebook profile android app and install it.

2.So you have installed who viewed my facebook profile app now open it.

3.Click with login with facebook button.

4.login into your facebook account and after login in your facebook account successfully give required permissions to app.

5.After these steps wait for some time as you will see who viewed your facebook profile.


Method 4:-Find Out Who Has Viewed My Facebook Profile Using Social Fans Ios App

This method is for IOS users who has Itunes app store and looking for ways for who viewed my Facebook profile.

so there is an app called ‘social fans’this same kind of app we talked about above that for android and this one is for IOS user this app gives you control over your social media accounts.

through this app you will get to know detailed information about who viewed your Facebook profile or who visited your Facebook profile.

You will notice alternative social support systems that change you to examine World Health Organization is seen your profile, usually LinkedIn and its “Who’s Seen Your Account” feature.

customary customers will visit a current list of that has been spying you, aboard some straightforward analytics, whereas paid folks will simply see around ninety days value of individuals, still as additional descriptive analytics. it’s ideal for seeing potential career awareness and company prospects.

several rumors on the net declare that Facebook in private exposes your recent guests inside AN array variable within the website ASCII text file known as the InitialChatFriendsList.

though this variable doesn’t truly support the IDs of individuals stalking your report, it’ll give U.S.A. a desirable cross-check however Facebook’s calculations rank your relationships together with your friends.

I hope you will find this article helpful if you like this article please give your feedback and share it on your social media accounts thanks.



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