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Enhance Video Quality In Android

Android is an open source operating system and you can customize or modify  it.Android update its versions consistently so it adds more features with updates.Android is much popular operating system and millions apps are available in apps market including music,entertainment,education and videos and many more.Video apps are much in apps market which plays quality videos on your smartphone.

These apps enhance video quality and with some knowledge of android you can enhance it  much more with your android.Android gives you freedom to customize android accordingly.You can change home screens,icons,and many  more.So here we talk about how to enhance video quality in android and also in gaming and with this you can enjoy better gaming experience.Make video quality better on android.For this

enhance video quality in android

. Go to setting

.Click on Developer options,if you don’t have developer options so don’t worry go to setting and click on “about phone“option and there tap continue 6-7 times on “build number“option and it shows “you are developer” and go back in setting and scroll down you will see “developer options“.

.In Developer options,scroll down and check the “Force GPU rendering“option and restart the phone.

with these steps your android device emulates your hardware.With this your smartphone video quality will be enhanced and you will enjoy watching videos and playing games.

These options accelerate hardware which effects  graphics and it makes video quality and gaming quality better. Enjoy better experience of gaming  and videos.

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