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CouchTuner is the most popular or you can say famous platform where you can watch tv shows and movies online,This platform is completely free to use and it contains huge list of most popular movies and tv series.

So this is a very useful and good platform but as you know everything has two sides while using these kind of platforms you will always get trouble for sharing pirated content.if we talk about us the law and administration become very strict so that they track every streaming service for any kind of copyright issues.

There are so many platforms who provide streaming services like Netflix and amazon prime these platforms are very popular but these are paid these network charge on monthly fee.

CouchTuner launched in 2010, its a tv series and movie streaming website which offers you unlimited content as such movies, tv shows.you have to open site and click on where you want to start streaming at there homepage there are tabs like  ‘new releases,’tv shows, search now for better browsing experience and the most useful thing is there is no need to subscribe or register any account to use services.

Here I am listing best sites like CouchTuner.


                            5 Best CouchTuner Alternatives 2018

The Dare Tv


couchtuner alternative the dare tv

The dare tv is a great streaming platform where you can use to stream your favorites tv shows and movies.This the best alternate of CouchTuner and it contains big data of movies and tv shows.The interface of this platform is very simple and it displays few options where you can look for the schedule of tv shows and movies.the dare tv platform makes streaming function very easy so that you have to tap on any video you want to start streaming and it provides you later streaming function so that you can watch that video later.




couchtuner alternative putlocker

Putlocker is the popular streaming platform and a good alternative of CouchTuner it has huge fan following in simple way you can say that put locker has huge fan following.It has massive library of tv show and movies.there are so many popular movies on the site like justice league Dunkirk, the big bang theory, mr.robot and river dale so on.One more thing you should consider that put lockers offers pirated content for free so that there is always a risk of getting malware or virus on your system and you can caught for using copyrighted content.this platform has ads that can’t be avoided but ads are fewer.there is no need of registration.




couchtuner like cucirca

Cucirca is another great streaming platform like CouchTuner but there is a drawback it has only tv shows feature so that if you are looking for movies than it is not for you. Cucirca contains massive list of popular tv shows and it updates you regularly with new tv shows.this platform interface is simple and adorable so you won’t get any hassle. Cucirca has big data of tv series such as the flash, the Big Bang theory etc.


Tubi Tv


sites like CouchTuner Tubi tv

Tubi tv is another excellent option which is the alternate of CouchTuner.This platforms designed beautifully with some high end features.There is something different from couch tuner here you have to register for stream their content.so there you have to register for stream tv shows and movies without registration you won’t be able to stream their videos. Tubi tv has big library of movies and tv shows where you can enjoy streaming of your favorite tv shows or movies directly.


The Series Online


the series online CouchTuner alternative

The series online is another great alternative of CouchTuner you can say another replacement of Couchtuner this is the simple and clean designed platform.It is user friendly platform where you can enjoy without any hassle this platform has huge library of tv show and movies.

you don’t need to register for streaming movies and tv shows.with this platform you can stream tv shows and movies directly for this you don’t have any need of registration.it updates latest tv shows and movies regularly.

So this is the list of best sites like CouchTuner or you can say best CouchTuner alternates.These platform are like CouchTuner where you can stream movies and tv shows directly these platforms have big and massive library of tv show and movies and keep update you with latest and regular tv show and movies so you can enjoy latest content.

These site are simple and well designed platforms where you won’t find any hassle to use their content so if you like this article please share and drop a comment in comment section.

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