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3 Things To Know Before Starting A Blog

You read several post everyday which telling you to how to start a blog and do this or that,
many of those posts won’t tell you the real implications of starting blog.
Blogging is a tough task and its not easy as you read on the web,blogging has its own pitfalls and there are many things that you must need to know before starting a blog.


In This Post You Will Know About 3 Things You Need To Know Starting a Blog

3-things to know bfore starting a blog

1.Set up a Blog is No Guarantee of You Make Money Online

if you ask me, i would tell you that blogging is a difficult task to make money online.many people thinks that blogging is the easy way to make money online and all they need to do is to set up a blog and write some posts and start to making money online.
if you think to earn money from it for this you have to need a huge amount of traffic on your blog.
if you have good traffic on your blog then not guarantee you making money from it.


2.Many Other Options Than Blogging Niche.

i have found many blogs which have low quality and copied content from other blogs.most of the new blogger don’t have much knowledge about blogging and they start writing posts on blog,why?because they thinks that blogging niche is more profitable than other niche.


3.Nothing For Build It and They Will Come.

if you think that blogging is a brick and mortar business on the road side?you have to work hard to get stand out from crowd.if you want that people to visit on your blog for this digital marketing,seo,and many other things that work best for your blog.



There are many other things that you must know before starting a niche and above 3 are  important things before start a blog

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